Awesome, Amazing, Talented (and humble) young people who try very hard to make your advertising impressive.

impressive advertising

Advertising. And related things that make your sales curve go upwards. Brochures, Flyers, Websites, Press Releases, Corporate Profiles etc. We make them pretty, we make them nice. Most importantly, we make them sell.

kuala lumpur advertising agency

We're based in Kuala Lumpur, but whether you are in Kuala Terengganu or Kuala Pilah, we're at your service!

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In the beginning, we were a highly successful copywriting agency who wrote beautiful things about our clients and their products. From coffee to curtains, from strange new age Japanese spas to all-female gyms, for 6 long years we helped our clients make a lot of sales.

Soon, our copywriting services morphed into a full-fledged advertising agency. Today, we not only write; we also draw, design and print. We also attract attention, shock people, make people think, wonder, cry, laugh, secure. Sometimes, we also make them feel insecure, so our clients can sell things to them.

Youmo means 'ink' in Mandarin. We'd like to think we have magical capabilities to make something so unexceptional like a bit of ink, and turn it into a masterpiece like a coveted Chinese Painting.

From day one with our first client, till today with possibly you, we have always thought of advertising as sweet labour. Think of it as a kind of a fantasy gym - we do all the hard work on the treadmill, you get heads turning twice when you walk pass.

Give us your immediate advertising assignment. We promise it will look really good.