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“No one has heard about my awesome product.”

Marketing is one complicated beast. You’ve got a great product, but no one knows about it. That is why you need a ton of leads. Generating leads is important because it keeps your revenue healthy and provides a constant stream of demand. But producing demands and producing it consistently is tough, especially when you’ve many other competitors who can give the same thing at a cheaper price. That is why you need to find a company in Malaysia who knows what they are doing.

“I’ve poured thousands into Facebook and nothing happened!”

We have lost count how many times we’ve heard a client complain about this. Measuring ROI is important so we can assess the effectiveness of each campaign. But we also understand how clients are sick and tired of hearingthat ‘impression’ or ‘reach’ is an ROI. They aren’t. ROI to us means real paying customers; people who actually make a financial transaction with you (i.e buy a product or service). Any other metrics are irrelevant.

“No budget.”

A completely understandable situation. If an agency asks for more money so they can do marketing for you so that you can make more money, run the other way. Good budgeting is about having the ability to stretch every dollar to maximize it. So, let’s burst the myth once and for all: a good marketing budget doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Throw in some ingenuity, some creativity and watch your dollar stretch in ways you cannot imagine.

“Technology keeps changing. I can’t keep up.”

That is why you hire a company in Malaysia to do the job. Your job isn’t to understand the latest algorithm; your job is to run your business. It’s our job to keep up with technology, so we can use and optimize it to help you make tons of revenue.

“I’ve no time to do marketing.”

Then hire an intern. No, we’re kidding. Your marketing is too important to be given to someone who wants to be paid a salary while ‘learning’. Each day wasted on experimenting and learning is a day behind your competitors. Get a digital marketing company who knows what they are doing from Day 1.


Digital marketing or anywhere around the world follow the same golden rule: 'inbound', not 'outbound'. Remember the last time you were interrupted so that some sleazy company out there could sell you something? It could be while you were driving or surfing the Internet or watching TV. Wasn't that annoying? People hate interruption. There is a better way. By creating excellent content and leaving breadcrumbs, you start to lead people to your business. Give them something that is useful, and watch them line up for your products like ants to a honey pot. You're getting the right customers who are eager to have what you want. Now THAT'S great digital marketing.

We've served hundreds of companies like yours. Chances are, you would have stumbled upon one of our works today without even realizing it. You see, we're renowned for some of the most exciting marketing projects Malaysia has ever seen.

And we're not surprised. As a digital marketing company in Malaysia, we do make some of the best local works. Our ideas have been stolen, replicated, copied and used by many. You know what they say? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We're so good, Mad Men came to steal our ideas.

As the leading marketing company in Malaysia known for doing the impossible, our skills are legendary. We don't just stop at selling snow to an Eskimo or sand to an Arab. We sold skirts to men, meat to vegetarians and books to politicians too. Start with us as your partner, and you'll start selling heaters to Malaysians.

Working with Youmo Studio is pretty straightforward. Tell us what you need, and leave the digital marketing to us.


Today, there is no one-size-fits-all promotion strategy. Not too long ago (a long time in digital marketing years), brands and companies have merely a few options – newspaper, TV, magazines, billboards. Today, there are tons of other channels that are available to brands. This can be good or bad. The great thing is, we have more options. The bad news is- we have to master new technical skills. Do you know how to write an article that will go viral? Get a good copywriter. Do you know how to create a magnificent poster? Get a designer. Do you know how to create kick-ass digital marketing in Malaysia? Get Youmo Studio.

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Digital marketing in Malaysia is not difficult. What's difficult is pulling everything together and doing it right. It's easy to do just one thing, but when you handle 10 strategies at the same time, it can get pretty overwhelming. That is why a great creative director and project manager's role is so important. The challenge is to see the big picture, yet able to fret over the tiniest details. We have handle projects big and small. Our most important contribution to each and every client? To look ahead 10 steps and fix those problems.

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