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“Why can’t I schedule Instagram posts like I do with Facebook?”

Every kid who grows up with a smartphone thinks they can handle a company’s social media. Truth is, a consumer who uses social media marketing is not the same as a social media specialist. Technical know-how is very important because what works today, might not work tomorrow. Technology happens so fast that even a leading social media agency in Malaysia like us have a hard time keeping up with changes. But that does not mean we have to lag behind by a wide margin. Each week, we come together to learn the latest development in the world of tech, if only so we could best advice our clients. That is why it is important to pick a social media agency in Malaysia who is constantly learning and upgrading their skills.

“Social media marketing is a must. So is my business outcome?”

How many times have you heard someone say that social media might not give you direct ROI, but you still must have it? Truth is, social media activities must be tied directly to business outcomes. A business outcome doesn’t have to be about revenue, but it certainly must make sense. For instance, increasing web traffic by 20% has a real and direct impact on revenue. Or increasing customer satisfaction by 50% means more customers will return, thus boosting your bottom line. That is why monitoring business outcomes is important, and we must tie that to all our social media marketing strategies.

“I have tons of Likes, but are they real people?”

You might have heard of unethical agencies who buy Likes and charge you a ton. On a less dramatic scale, targeting the wrong people will also mean money down the drain. It goes beyond just picking the right age or gender or location. Psychographic metrics are also important, such as a person’s behaviour or their likes and dislikes. Directly catering the right key messages is the real secret to having meaningful conversations. For this to work well requires a lot of technical capabilities as well as time and energy spent on finding the right people.


Today, social media marketing has become the norm. No one bats an eyelid anymore. We're overwhelmed with Likes, Tweets, Shares, Comments, chats and much more. With an abundance of social media flying around, how do you stand out? Talk to a social media agency in Malaysia who has done it all – we will help you stand out.

Begin by talking to your target market in their language, broadening your visibility and increasing conversation with them. It's a relationship. That is why SMO is never a one-size-fits-all sort of strategy; just like there is no one formula for building a relationship.

Before we even begin, we put ourselves in the shoes of your customers. We go where they hang out, we follow what they follow and digest what they digest. By acting like your customers, we understand them. This way, we speak their lingo and behave the way they behave.

The secret is in creating real connections. Not just getting the Likes, but getting people to utilize social media to genuinely talk about you. You don't need a thousand posts; you just need a good one to get people talking and sharing. That is why content is so important - it is content that gets people talking. And how do you make good content? Tell a story! Telling stories make people engaged and intrigued. Like how a good movie keeps you captivated and makes you wanting to stay till the end, a good social media marketing campaign leaves people wanting for more!

Working with Youmo Studio is pretty straightforward. Tell us what you need, and we'll make you the talk of the town (online).


As a social media agency in Malaysia that is behind some of the most successful campaigns in the country, Youmo Studio can help you do the same.


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